Thursday, May 5, 2011

Aside from finishing one paper, I'm finished with the Spring Semester. I stopped by the Global Studies office yesterday because I wanted to find out about possible scholarships to the English Department's trip to Italy in my senior year. I missed out on London. After explaining my circumstances the lady in charge (and my memory fails in regard to her name) talked about several scholarship programs for people like me: poor female single parents. Many of these scholarships offer study abroad programs. The ones that have been suggested for me would allow me to study for a month in a place important to my degree. England was the best choice. Some of these programs will also let me take Maddie with me. This would give me the opportunity to study/attend lectures at either Oxford or Cambridge University.


Ox. Ford.

I am speechless. It's not a sure thing. Hell, it's not even fathomable right now. BUT the Global Studies lady said these scholarships are designed for me and I'm who they want to send abroad. I'll never have a chance like this in my life otherwise. I'm crossing my fingers. Application process starts after next Fall semester for next summer.

If Maddie goes with me she said she wants to see Buckingham Palace. I told her we could go inside. She asked if we could see the Queen. I said no. She said, "Oh." She asked if we could see the new Princess that just got married. I said no. She said, "Oh. But we can still go inside?" I told her yes. She was happy. I told her we might not be able to go. It's a "maybe." She was OK with that.

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