Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I decided to start writing poetry again since the incident. I submitted a few to my college writing contest. None of them place but I don't really care about that. They really are very personal and most people, while they get what I'm saying (especially if you know about the mental health trials I've been through) but they don't know what moments or issues inspired them. That's fine too. I'm keeping that to myself. So, without further ado...some of the shorter pieces. I consider these emotional snapshots.

A Doctor's Slice

My doctor sliced my brain into thin slivers.
She threw out the damaged sections.
Like my mother excising dark spots
from the potatoes.
The good parts mashed up
and digested.

I Was Pushed

Someone pushed me down hard.
I bashed my head on memories.
I don't remember if I got back up.


Sleepwalking through decay
Wading feet first, ankle deep
Face first.
Wisps of thought, slick from ill use,
neglect and stagnation float in
damp, dank, dark waters.
Moss covered rocks to slip on.
Cold water aches.
Walking forever down this murky river.
Rotting from the outside in.
No end in sight.

One Day

One day I'd like to go outside
And lay down on the ground during a blizzard
And let the falling and drifting snow cover me
And pretend I was never there.

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