Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to blog number 3? I have a livejournal that I used to write book reviews in but I just haven't felt like writing there. If you want to see the reviews that are there (and there are a bunch) go to There's some good stuff. Wish I could import it.

I decided to start again because I'll be back in my English classes this fall. I haven't written about a book in nearly a year. An unfortunate series of events (no pun intended) set me back in regard to my Bi-Polar disorder (hence the "Lunacy" in the blog title). I suffered from a heavy bout of anhedonia along with the deep depression. I couldn't read. At all. I went from 50+ books a year down to February of the year and only two rather short books read. It was probably the worst part of my illness; and the most frustrating. So I've been forcing myself to read more...slowly. I've spent a good deal of time re-reading some old favorites. The first full book I got through was Firestarter by Stephen King (one of my favorite books and authors). It felt good.

So, here will be a blog about the books I have read, what I think of them, and any sort of odds and ends to do with reading, English classes and books in general.

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